Ever Had A Guardian Angel?

Ever Had A Guardian Angel?

By Kirstine Pallette

I hear stories all the time about people who were really close to getting in a bad car accident but didn’t. Or I hear about people who decided to take a different route into work only to learn that there was a huge accident on their normal route. Many of these people attribute their good fortune to having a trusty guardian angel.

Someone once told me about a time when she only had a small budget to use on groceries for her family. After filling her cart with more items than she thought she could afford, the woman went forward to pay for her items and ended up having spent only a portion of her small budget. How? Because another customer, whom she called her guardian angel, left behind a valuable coupon giving this woman a large percentage off on all her groceries.

Has something like this ever happened to you? Have there been events in your life that have caused you to wonder if you had a guardian angel watching over you?

I used to think people who claimed they had a guardian angel were a bit crazy in the head. I thought that they had gotten out of a rough situation and given the credit to where credit really was not due. That all changed on the day that I was driving home from a trip to Kentucky with a friend.

We had been on the road for hours and were trying to make it a few more hours before we stopped for food or rest. Trying to keep ourselves occupied by singing to our favorite cd’s at the top of our lungs, our trip seemed to be going just fine. That is until our car began making a funny noise and then slowing down to a screeching halt on the side of the highway. We were out of gas. Refilling our tank was something we had never discussed in our plans to get home quick. So here we were, two young women in the middle of nowhere with an empty fuel tank. Fortunately for us, a guardian angel was not far behind.

We were miles from an exit in either direction and we had not seen a car pass since we had come to a stop nearly twenty minutes before. Some highway this was. Out of what seemed like nowhere a man driving a truck pulled up behind us and got out to offer assistance. He drove us to the nearest station, filled a small portable tank with gas and then took us back to our car. No sooner had we finished putting the small amount of gas in our car than we turned around to offer him thanks. He, the man, our guardian angel, was nowhere in sight. He and his car had disappeared without either of us hearing or noticing anything. We looked in both directions and saw no evidence of him on the highway. Before this day I would have said a situation like this was a coincidence, but no longer.

Me and my friend had been helped by a guardian angel. And just yesturday I was three cars away from being in a major pileup. Accident? Coincidence? I don’t think so. I guess once you’ve got a guardian angel it never goes away.

About the Author: Kirstine Pallette is an advocate for the existence of guardian angels in everyday life. Still not convinced? Check out www.aboutguardianangel.info to learn more.

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